There are so many stories I would like to create in the orbit of fiction. I like fiction as opposed to non-fiction, because I believe in a certain measure of personal privacy for everyone, including myself. For this reason, I prefer writing fiction.  My intention is to write make-believe stories about young men coming of age, sexuality and self-reflection. I strive to inspire, confront, and educate my target audience with respectful, and respectable, entertainment. I like comedy, and I like fantasy. Most of all, I have a particular interest in the speculative fiction and paranormal genres.


I’ve written in the past, and published through a local media outlet in Denver, three editorial pieces — or what I also call journalism-style writing — of which Aurora Mall Shows a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Just a Little Bit) is most notable.

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I also wrote my first draft of a screenplay, called Lady Soul, about the life and career of rhythm-and-blues singer Aretha Franklin back in 2008. And now that I’ve gotten some formal training behind me since that time, I am set out to revise all of my first drafts of stories I’ve completed during my schooling and prior.


As a creative writer for entertainment, my current portfolio includes excerpts from: a screenplay, Forbidden Fruit; a TV spec script, Community/“Male Bonding vs. Male Branding”; and a flash fiction piece, No Ma’am. While these are only my first-drafts, I simply posted them to demonstrate my ability to write in different entertainment formats.


As a writer for trans media, my current portfolio also includes an excerpt from a comic script, High School Drama, and a video game demonstration, Culture Shockas well as the related video game documentation.

My administrative background, which makes me a paradox, includes long-term temp assignments with such companies as Morgan Smith Barney, in Denver, as well as Greyhound Lines and Sysco Foods, Inc., in Atlanta.


Along with that, this experience of working and living in a variety of major cities across the United States has also proven to be invaluable to me as a freelance writer.

And finally, with respect to my first love, which is music, I dabbled a bit in my younger years as a professional entertainer, under the stage name of Cleveland Martin Rose.

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I’ve performed r&b and pop music with local bands in the Denver and Seattle areas. As I started to become a man of a certain age, however, I also started to notice my strong interest in creative writing for entertainment. Otherwise, as for performing with a band, my confidence onstage began to change right along with my hairline. Notwithstanding, I discovered how well I was able to re-channel all of my creative energies — by becoming a professional writer and a storyteller.


Along with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, I also received the Advanced Achievement Award, as well as a Course Director’s Award for Historical Archetypes and Mythology, at Full Sail University, in Winter Park, Fla., in 2014.


My home base has been Denver, Colo., for more than 25 years now.

Loring Tatem, taken at 16th St. Pedestrian Mall, Denver, Colo., May 28, 2014

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